Final Fantasy VII Damage Calculator (Beta)

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Move / Attack

What 0x IDs are these? (advanced) 'Physical' corresponds to types X1; 'Magical' to types X2 and 'Curative' to types X5. You can find out more about these types on the Qhimm wiki

16 for normal attacks. Read more.This number represents the strength of the attack. Most guides list it as 'X/16'. Ordinary attacks have a power of 16, Bolt has a power of 8, Bolt2 = 20 and Bolt3 = 64. The strongest magic attack - the venerable Bahamut ZERO - comes in at 120.

When is damage split?Physical attacks always split when they hit multiple targets. Player spells do if they can be toggled between single or multiple enemies. Summons and multi-hit-mandatory skills like Ultima do not.

Attacker stats

Player characters only

DefenderWhere can I get enemy stats? You can find detailed statistics for every foe with TFergusson's comprehensive enemy mechanics guide

This is 2 for most creatures

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